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portable power distribution box

FNP8-P601 Portable combined socket box

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FNP8-P601 Portable combined socket box
Dimensional drawing
ABS waterproof socket box IP67 Customize Portable Combined
Technical paramenters
Input:3M H07RN Cable 5G2.5 with plug 16A 3P 110V
Output:3 Sockets 16A 3P 110V
Protection:3 MCB 16A 1P
                    1 RCD 4P 63A/0.03A
Protection Degree:IP67
Feature:Safe / Waterproof / Durable
Features:Portable and provide flexible power supply output
Process:Laser cutting, punching, deburring, bending, pressing, welding, riveting, grinding, surface treatment, assembly
This product supports customization on demand.
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