4P16A IP44 Industrial waterproof plug
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industrial plug
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FNP2-014 4P16A IP44 Industrial waterproof outdoor plug
industrial switch cable red plug outdoor IP44 waterproof 4p
Suitable range
This industrial outdoor plug can be widely used in industry, agriculture, chemistry, airports, docks, ships, electricity, construction, profits and other internal and external places.
industrial plug mix
This industrial outdoor plug is in accordance with the national standard GB/T 11918.1-2014; GB11918.2-2014;Designed and produced, the product specification is FNP2-014 4pin 16A 415V industrial outdoor plug, the  plug is 3P+E, the range is 415V, and the product waterproof protection level is IP44.
Key material parameters
· Shell material: PA flame retardant nylon
· Material of current-carrying flange: PA flame retardant nylon
· Contacts/screw accessories: copper /ML08A cold heading steel
industrial outdoor plug technical feature
· Rated current: 16A
· Rated voltage: 250V
· Protection degree:  IP44 waterproof
· Insulation resistance: 500V d.c not less than 5 μΩ
· Dielectric strength: 2500V
· Temperature rise: the current-carrying end shall not exceed 50K
· Electrical clearance: not less than 8 mm
· Creep distance: not less than 10mm
· Heat and flame resistance: current-carrying parts 850 15℃; 650+/-15℃ for shell parts
· Cable connection end bears tension: not more than 80N
Industrial plug outline installation ruler diagram
16A 3P+E 6H 380-415V industrial waterproof outdoor plug waterproof IP44 
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